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Meet a team member, Brianna

Time to meet another Stubbs Ortho team member! This is Brianna! Brianna is from Niceville and is the proud parent of seven year old chihuahua Jax . She also has one nephew Caleb and two [...]

Meet a Team Member Jenni!

Time to meet another Stubbs Team member, Jenni! We have been lucky enough to have Jenni helping our patients for several years now! Jenni is a Certified Orthodontic Assistant and is known for her calm [...]

Meet a team member Kelsey!

Meet another team member Kelsey! Kelsey is our only team member who was a patient first! She started out helping us around the office while still in high school and now she is one of [...]

Top 10 Orthodontists

  These are to the top 10 questions you should ask before you start orthodontic treatment, braces, or Invisalign. By asking these questions you should have a top 10 orthodontist helping you create your new [...]