Orthodontist Santa Rosa Beach, Fl.

Orthodontist Santa Rosa Beach Fl

Stubbs Orthodontics Destin office serves patients from Santa Rosa Beach Fl to Santa Rosa Island.

Considered one of the most experienced and advanced orthodontic practices in northern Florida, Stubbs Orthodontics is a family owned operation with offices in Niceville and Destin. We chose these two locations in order to better serve our clientele which today reaches all the way from Santa Rosa Beach and Miramar Beach to Crestview, Freeport, DeFuniak, Valparaiso, Okaloosa Island, Fort Walton Beach, and Mary Esther.

Military Families

At Stubbs Orthodontics, we honor and welcome all military families especially those stationed at Eglin Air Force Base, Hurlbert, Seveth Special Forces Group, and the EOD program. We have had the privilege of serving hundreds of families in our armed forces.

Military Family Moving or Retiring

Many times our Military Families will find the need to transfer during the course of orthodontic treatment due to orders or retirement. We are thoroughly experienced in this process and know how to make this transition easy for your family. We are also experienced with Tricare and can easily walk you through switching from Tricare to retirement.

Orthodontic braces and Invisalign Santa Rosa Beach Fl

Many families and individuals have a misconception of the cost of braces and Invisalign when provided by an Orthodontist; nothing can be further from the truth. As an Orthodontist, our focus is just that, “orthodontic services”.  We offer orthodontic braces including Invisalign clear aligners to kids, teens, and adults in a very efficient and cost-effective manner.

Often times due to our expertise in the field of orthodontics and the fact that all we treat are orthodontic cases we are able to provide better treatment at a lower cost than many dental practices. There are many competent cosmetic dentists in the Destin, Santa Rosa Beach area offering orthodontic services and or Invisalign. However, not many, if any, are a certified orthodontist.

Why is this important?

All orthodontists are dentists, but not all dentists are orthodontists. While both cosmetic dentists and orthodontists have similar educational backgrounds as a dentist, you will earn either a D.D.S. (Doctor of dental surgery) or D.M.D. (Doctor of dental medicine) degree. In the mean time, to become an Orthodontist, a dentist must take an additional two- or three-year residency in orthodontics at an American Dental Association approved, university or affiliated program to be able to call themselves an Orthodontist. Generally only the top one or two percent of dental students are able to earn a spot in these competitive orthodontic residencies. An Orthodontist has a very specialized set of skills they acquire through their intense training, and that is their sole focus of what they do everyday. If you have dental practice offering you orthodontic services and they also offer general dentistry, endodontic and periodontic services, know that they have a broad set of skill less focused on the field of Orthodontics. Naturally it stands to reason they will not be able to provide the same level of treatment and expertise that an Orthodontist can.

Dr. Casi Stubbs at Stubbs Orthodontics, Graduated with Highest Honors from Nova Southeastern University Orthodontic Residency Program and has continued to develop her skill as an orthodontist. Orthodontics is what she does all day every day, and she is good at it! Being an Orthodontist helped her become a “Premier Invisalign Provider “.  A premier Invisalign provider is a designation awarded to practitioners who have advanced knowledge of orthodontic treatment with Invisalign.